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Boutique Beautiful for 2016!

This week I have been busy finishing off the final touches of an exciting project that I can now share with the world. I have recently selected a stunning collection of handmade Jewellery & Accessories that will make up my own online boutique – ‘With Love, Hayley’. Each piece has been hand picked & chosen…

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Love & Light

As I am sat here, on my comfy bed in my beautiful home, surrounded by my lovely cats & gorgeous ‘things’, I can’t help but think of those less fortunate who have had their lives completely torn apart this week.  My Sunday seems very irrelevant. I don’t want to get into the politics or my…

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So… It’s happened. I have decided to jump out into the wide world of blogging! Having spent the years sitting behind the scenes, creating coverage promoting & blogging for brands & business’ I have decided to pluck up the courage to invest in something a little more daunting…myself! I am no longer hiding & am…

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